Charleston Grit Feature – June 2012

Rebekah Jacob, expert in the art and photography of the American South and owner of Rebekah Jacob Gallery located uptown on King Street, wrote a feature article about Kaminer Haislip’s silver designs for Charleston Grit.  Her insightful article “Not Your Grandmother’s Silver” can be read at

Charleston Grit is a Charleston, South Carolina-based weblog featuring daily insight and opinions from the city’s most notable voices. Grit posts range from local humor and opinion pieces on topics like nightlife, relationships, and city issues to lifestyle blogs covering local fashion, recipes, and design trends; you can also check out music and art reviews, plus sneak peeks at events like Spoleto USA, the Wine & Food Festival, and Pecha Kucha.  Charleston Grit is a curated site, so writers join by invitation only.

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