Hand Engraving adds personalization and unique character to an object or piece of jewelry. It is a rare and skilled art that is far superior in quality to machine engraving. The same methods and tools used in traditional hand engraving have been utilized by craftsmen for centuries.

Almost all of Kaminer’s original designs can be personalized with hand engraving.  If you do not see the option with the product in the online Shop, then contact us directly at info@kaminerhaislip.com to inquire about having that item hand engraved.

Item will ship three weeks from purchase date if customized with hand engraving.

All objects or jewelry customized with hand engraving are non-refundable.

We currently offer two hand engraved letter style options:

1) Block Style Text
2) Script Style Text

  • See below for image examples of the two styles.


$30 for the first three letters (or $10 per letter for the first three)

$3 per letter after three

Custom designs can also be hand engraved on most of Kaminer’s items. The design, complexity, and size of hand engraving on object determines price and timeline for completion. To receive a quote for hand engraving a design on one of Kaminer’s pieces, please email us at info@kaminerhaislip.com with an image of your design, identify which item you would like hand engraved, and the size and placement of the engraved design. Any additional details would be much appreciated.

  • See below for two image examples of custom designs hand engraved.