Kaminer’s collection of sterling silver boxes range from small to large, round to rectangular. Each box has acted as a blank canvas in order to highlight a theme or particular design. The custom commissioned boxes in particular not only had a very specific design, but function as well. Kaminer really enjoys working with clients on a special box and hearing what use it will fulfill.

Silver boxes are great for storing jewelry or other significant items on a vanity, dresser, dressing or bedside table.  Other uses include, but are not limited to, holding small items on a desk, business cards, and cufflinks.

A silver box is a memorable, personal gift that is wonderful to give in celebration of an anniversary, wedding, baby’s birth, christening, or for any special occasion. Kaminer’s silver boxes can be personalized with hand engraving for that extra, thoughtful touch.

Shop available silver boxes in the Home category of the website store. For details on how to commission a one of kind box design, visit the Commission Work page on the website or contact info@kaminerhaislip.com.