Aiken Standard Article – October 2012



Silversmith’s creation honors Aiken woman – by Haley Hughes – October 14, 2012

New Historic Building Christmas Ornament Series

Kaminer Haislip can create a custom silver Christmas ornament based on the historic building, house or church of your choice!  From an image provided by the client, she renders the building in a line drawing.  The drawing is then transferred to the silver plate, which is available in a round, square, or rectangular shape, and then etched with a chemical.  The chemical creates a texture where the lines are, highlighting the form of the building.

All ornaments are made to order and multiples are an option.  Additionally, the ornaments can be hand engraved with a date or name.

Contact Kaminer Haislip directly for details and pricing.


Lecture at the Art Center in Ridge Spring, SC – September 2012

Kaminer Haislip presented her silver work and gave a lecture on Saturday, September 15, 2012 to the Women’s Study Club of Ridge Spring, SC.  The event was held at the Art Center in Ridge Spring, which is operated by the Art Association of Ridge Spring, a volunteer group of citizens who work to promote the arts in the area.    The  Art Center has a gallery with exhibitions on display, hosts art classes for adults and children, and other events.  To learn more about it, visit