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Wishlist Gift Registry

My new online Shop has an exciting new feature that allows you to set up an account and Wishlist!  You can create your own gift registry for wedding, baby, anniversary, birthday, holiday, or simply for objects you would love to own!  Hand crafted silver objects are heirloom gifts that are meant to be passed down through generations and last forever.

When you view an item in the Shop, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Wishlist” button to add it to your gift registry.  You can personalize the gift registry by naming it and save the item or multiple items in it for others to see if you choose to make it public.  You can then refer individuals who want to purchase a unique and special gift for you to my website!

Happy shopping!

Jewelry Workshops at Redux Contemporary Art Center

Kaminer Haislip will be teaching two silver jewelry workshops for beginners at Redux Contemporary Art Center in downtown Charleston, SC this fall.  See below for details and contact Redux to sign up!

Silver Bracelet Workshop 

When: Saturday, September / 12 – 6 pm

Cost: Member $165 / Non-member $200

Students have the opportunity to design a silver bracelet and will learn beginner’s jewelry techniques. Jewelry techniques include piercing, filing, annealing, hammering, forming, and finishing. All materials included and no experience necessary! Please bring a drink, pen/pencil, and sketchbook.

Silver Ring Workshop

When: Friday, October 4, 2013 / 12 – 6 pm

Cost: Member $80 / Non-Member $100

Learn the basics of jewelry making and make your own ring. Hammering piercing, sawing, soldering, bezel setting, and finishing will be covered. Bring something to drink. Space is limited to 8 students. No experience necessary. All materials are provided.

New Learning to Fly Series

LTF_cloudpicLast August, a couple who started as clients and soon became very close friends, flew my husband Matt and I to their home in Delaware on their private Navajo plane.  Outside the window I could see the clear, gorgeous sky and beautiful clouds.  I took some pictures (see left for a sample) of the clouds from the plane’s window, because I was immediately inspired to use the cloud texture as an etched surface design for silver vessels.

The first two pieces in my new Learning to Fly series are two vases.  Each vase has a hand drawn cloud design that was etched into the surface with nitric acid to create the cloud like texture.  To view, look under my website Portfolio in the Vase category.

To purchase, visit

This is just the beginning of an exciting new series!  Soon to come objects include silver dishes, a silver perfume bottle, and more!