Dulles Designs

Kaminer Haislip’s sterling silver and copper Christmas ornaments are now available for purchase at Dulles Designs, located in downtown Charleston, SC at 89 Church Street.  Dulles Designs has an exceptional reputation for expertise in exquisite stationary, high quality products, and distinctive taste.

New Historic Building Christmas Ornament Series

Kaminer Haislip can create a custom silver Christmas ornament based on the historic building, house or church of your choice!  From an image provided by the client, she renders the building in a line drawing.  The drawing is then transferred to the silver plate, which is available in a round, square, or rectangular shape, and then etched with a chemical.  The chemical creates a texture where the lines are, highlighting the form of the building.

All ornaments are made to order and multiples are an option.  Additionally, the ornaments can be hand engraved with a date or name.

Contact Kaminer Haislip directly for details and pricing.


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