Christmas ornaments make a wonderful, heirloom gift that will be cherished for years to come. Many lovely memories are made around the holidays and giving a lasting gift is a great way to commemorate past years of happy, family gatherings and traditions. A sterling silver Christmas ornament is a quality present and can be passed down and enjoyed for generations. These beauties sparkle and shine with merriment on the Christmas tree and embody the holiday spirit.

Many of Kaminer’s clients start a baby or child on a collection of silver Christmas ornaments, because by the time they are adults with a Christmas tree of their own they will already have a stunning array of beautiful ornaments to adorn their tree. It is a celebrated tradition many carry on themselves, since they were gifted each year with a silver ornament and have a deep appreciation for the lasting quality and sweet memories each one holds.

Hand engraving for personalization or with a date is available for that extra special touch. To view hand engraving samples, visit the Hand Engraving page on the website. Additionally, custom designs in silver or copper can be created made to order. For information on commissioning a custom ornament design, visit the Commission Work page on the website.

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