New Products + Images Added to Website!!!!




I am so excited to announce and launch two new series plus a huge array of new images of my work on my website!

You can see the pieces from my new Appetizer Serving Series and Bar Accessories in my portfolio and they are available for immediate purchase in the Home category of my online Shop. New functional pieces include silver bar spoons, decanter bottle tags, a cheese knife, a spreader, condiment spoons, and an appetizer fork.

My new and original jewelry line Torc Jewelry Series can also be viewed in my portfolio and the pieces can be purchased directly in the Jewelry Category of my online Shop.  The new line includes a bracelet, earring, and pendant.  More designs coming soon!

Additionally, my existing designs got some attention too and you can see those new images throughout the online Shop with the products.  For those of you who know me well, you will recognize several friends and family who were supportive enough to model my work.  Instead of contrived models in fantasy settings, I choose to use real people in settings that portray my work in a natural environment.  Who better to represent my work than the people closest to me who inspire me everyday with their own unique style?

Check out the images by clicking on the product!  Images of my functional pieces in use, jewelry being worn in several real life settings by a variety of age groups, and an adorable baby playing with his rattle and eating from a baby spoon are just some of the outstanding ways my work is portrayed!  Enjoy!

Many thanks to Paul Cheney and Jason Kaumeyer of JWKPEC for all of the awesome photography!!! Check out more of their work at

Portfolio Items