New Jewelry Line – Santorini Dome Series – March 2013










My most recent sterling silver and steel jewelry line, Santorini Dome Series, was inspired by my travels to Greece. My husband Matt and I went there on our honeymoon and one of the places we visited in the Greek Isles was Santorini. The island has incredible architecture atop an ancient volcano caldera. One of the distinguishable architectural elements is the blue dome.

From the photographs I took on our travels, I rendered jewelry designs. I chose sterling silver as the main material, because most of Santorini’s architecture is painted white. I selected blued steel to represent the dome feature in several of the pieces. I felt the less precious, rough material would communicate the weathered surface of the domes better than gems or stones.

The final element that inspired this series was Art Deco. The layered motifs, geometric shapes, and clean lines regularly influence my jewelry and silversmithing designs. Additionally, I felt the movement was appropriate to reference, since some elements of the style were influenced by Egyptian architecture and architecture inspired this line.

Fine craftsmanship is an equally important aspect of my work. My design approach is not steered by fashion or trends, but focuses on timeless quality that is durable and lasts. I am devoted to exceptional craftsmanship and all of my work is exquisitely fabricated by hand. My concepts vary for different series, but all of my work is unified by elegant design.

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