1. Client discusses concept with Kaminer, submits any images and research they have done.  Based on that information, Kaminer does a minimum of one drawing and provides a quote for each design that includes materials and labor, but not sales tax or shipping. Design Fee starts at the amount of $100.

2. Client reviews and has the option to request one revision free of charge. If Client sends the second drawing back for an additional revision, each revision costs the Client $50.

3. If Kaminer is required to do any research for a design, an added charge of $50 per hour plus any travel costs are factored into Design Fee.

4. All designs must be original designs by Kaminer Haislip. Kaminer will not replicate or re-create existing objects, historical styles, or other artist’s work. Client is encouraged to submit photographs, images, or other objects to Kaminer for inspiration, but reproductions and direct appropriation are against Commission Policy.

5. Multiples or variations on an object are of the sole discretion of Kaminer and that decision is made before any work is officially commissioned.

6. After Final Design is approved by Client and Design Fee is paid in full, Kaminer will provide a date of completion.

7. The Client must pay 50% of total Commission (not including Design Fee) to Kaminer before any materials are purchased or before work begins.

8. Commissioned work is nonreturnable and nonrefundable.

Questions, comments, or inquiry into commissioning Kaminer Haislip can be directed to or 843-460-4979.