The concept for the first piece in this series, Nest Bowl, was inspired by the “Nest” chapter from Gaston Bachelard’s book The Poetics of Space. Birds build nests by pressing their bodies in a circular motion against twigs and leaves woven together. The physical aspect and repetitive action of building a nest was mimicked in Kaminer’s bowl construction and design. Her use of the nest concept references how one builds a home themselves through the selection of objects they include in their abode. Those objects tell a personal story and define the person, much as the bird’s body shapes the form of the nest.

Based on a bird’s nest, the main structure of the bowl is composed of silver wire that has been forged, fabricated and hammered into the curved bowl shape. Thin, wispy, but strong and durable sterling silver wire was hand woven throughout to layer the intertwined texture of a bird’s nest. Due to use of metal wire this object is functional and sturdy enough to hold items.

The process of weaving silver wire into a main silver structure inspired the jewelry pieces in this collection. The form for the necklace and earrings was based on the nest shape. The bracelet design incorporated the pattern of the woven nest in cuff form. Created in the same way, but on a smaller scale, the tension put in the silver from forging and weaving makes it very strong. Therefore, the jewelry appears delicate, but is very durable.

Nest Bowl is a thoughtfully appropriate wedding gift, because the metaphor of building a nest and home together relates to marriage. It is also lovely for Easter decor and functions beautifully for serving bread or crackers.

Additionally, Nest Bowl was one of the featured pieces for the Charleston City Gallery exhibition Interwoven: The Art of Indigo and Silver that included silversmith Kaminer Haislip, indigo textile artist Leigh Magar, photographer Jack Alterman, and curator Brandy Culp. Jack Alterman’s photograph of it was used for the exhibition press and it was highlighted in several publications.